Care of Your Lawn In Autumn

Autumn is the period the light starts to decrease and cooler temperatures start to increase. During these autumnal months we will need to provide a sufficient balance of nutrients to the lawn. Late summer feed will be applied to the lawn and aeration and scarification maintenance will take place for the final time of the year. There is usually a second burst of weed and undesirable fauna spouting so an application of weed killer will eradicate the unwanted plants. Usually, the final grass cutting will take place to ensure healthy growth for the coming spring and top dressing, over seeding and lawn renovation processes will be applied. Moss killer will make sure that any undesirable moss will be stopped edging its way into the lawn due to the increasing ground and air moisture and chiller climes.

All the 4 Seasons Lawn Care Technicians can advise on the best lawn care and garden maintenance products to receive optimum results for your lawn throughout the year.

Autumn Lawn Care

4 Seasons Lawn Care Advice To Receiving A Great Lawn During Autumn

 Combining aeration and scarification with an autumn fertiliser will allow for a more healthy lawn come the end of the winter.
 Controlling lawn pests and infestations promptly to achieve efficient pest control.
 Apply quick acting fertilisers to the soil surface around the lawn and plants to stimulate growth.
 Reinvigorate the lawn by overseeding.
 Maintenance programmes and bespoke services for your lawn provided by the 4 Seasons Lawn Care technicians throughout the autumn and winter months can help with budgeting and ensure your lawn is always looking its best.