Getting lawns ready in April across Oldham

Here are some tips to help get your lawn ready to enjoy for the rest of the year:

  1. Mow lawns only when necessary to maintain a constant height throughout the year.
  2. Repair the lawn edges using a half-moon edging iron or spade to create a 7.5cm (3in) ‘gutter’ around the lawn. This will prevent grass creeping from the lawn into borders.
  3. Repair bumps and hollows by peeling back the turf, removing or adding soil, and then replacing the turf
  4. Apply a high nitrogen spring lawn fertiliser at the beginning of April to encourage good, strong growth. If moss is a problem, choose a combined fertiliser and moss killer. April is the best month to apply lawn weed killer.
  5. Lightly rake lawns to remove old plant debris. This can also be done to rake out dead moss a couple of weeks after applying a chemical moss killer.
  6. Sowing new lawns, or over-seeding dead patches, can be carried out from mid-April to early May. If the soil is very wet or cold germination will be poor, so delay until the weather improves. Prepare the ground for sowing, by cultivating, levelling and lightly firming.


Do not walk over or mow newly sown grass until it has reached a height of 5-8cm (2-3in), and then only give it a light trim at the highest setting.

For further help and guidance on monthly lawn care get in touch with Bryn, a fully qualified and experienced lawn expert on: 07879 774171

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