Solutions for waterlogged lawns and gardens in Oldham

Here are some solutions to helping your lawn and garden through this wet season, but first things first, avoid walking on the lawn as it’ll make it worse. Wait until the water has gone down and the lawn is looking a little dryer, then you can try the following to help improve drainage:

1.Test the soil with a soil testing kit to check the fertility of the soil and find out what nutrients it needs and then provide these

2. Spike the lawn to improve drainage as this allows more air to get into the soil to help it stay alive. If your lawn is seriously waterlogged, which is pretty common across the Oldham areas, a hollow tine aerator tool is the most effective for spiking your lawn and speeding up recovery. This aerator helps remove cylinders of soil and make deep holes that can later be filled with horticultural sharp sand which helps draw out the moisture while keeping soil nice and loose.

3. Cultivate your soil with compost and other organic matter, especially if it’s heavily compacted, as this will improve soil structure to create better lawn foundations. The worse the soil, the more compost you’ll need.

4. Use moss killer to prevent moss from overtaking your garden and overseed your lawn a few times a year to help keep moss at bay.

5.Fertilise your lawn in spring as this helps the grass regain its green and lush colour after the wet season. This will help develop grass roots, making them more capable of withstanding water logging in the future each year.

6. Try to get some drainage in place by:

a) using plants that grow in waterlogged conditions, otherwise known as a bog garden. By using water-thriving plants like Amsonia, Persicaria, Astrantia, Lysimachia and Cardamine to name a few you can create a great tropical look,

b) or, you could simply dig a ditch at the lowest point in your garden, if you are on a slope, for the water to drain into.

For further help and guidance on drainage and waterlogged lawns and gardens get in touch with Bryn, a fully qualified and experienced lawn expert on: 07879 774171

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