Moss & Your Lawn

Moss is a type of plant usually found in damp or shaded areas growing in clumps or in a carpet-like covering, thriving on damp, shady conditions.

Moss can thrive in some of the most inhospitable growing conditions including driveways, walls, roofs and yes – your beloved lawn.

If left untreated in a lawn it can form a thick carpet over and around the grass making it difficult to mow, choking the grass plants, making the lawn look patchy or uneven in terms of colour and generally ruining the quality.

Moss will grow in shady spots on the lawn – often underneath trees where the grass is already thinner and next to walls and fences where light and airflow is reduced.


Benefits Of Moss Control Treatments

Thick, healthy grass is less likely to be affected by moss as there is less space for the moss to take hold. If your garden has poor drainage or acidic soil conditions it will be more susceptible to moss. In addition, lawns already sparse and in poor condition from overuse or close mowing are prone to moss development. Therefore, removing moss and keeping it under control can help improve both the appearance and quality of your lawn.

Main benefits of a moss control treatment:

 Control of moss makes complete removal much easier.
 Also gives the grass a dark green colour.
 Helps to toughen the grass.

Disadvantages of a moss control treatment:

  • The heavy moss control treatment will turn any areas containing moss black, which can be a visually striking, but is quite normal. This maybe a big issue in lawns that contains a great deal of moss, but the colour would only be there
    until the regeneration work starts.
  • Moss control treatment is not a complete solution to a moss problem. A lawn regeneration or long term plan should be in place to prevent its return.

For existing lawns, we offer effective moss treatments and removal services. The long term benefits of regular moss treatments as part of an annual lawn care programme are that they not only reduce the moss by killing it off, but also improves the long term condition of the grass by hardening and conditioning it.

If the moss is thick on your lawn, a lawn regeneration treatment or a long term moss control plan should follow a heavy moss treatment.